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DeSmuME is software that allows you to emulate a Nintendo DS system. Think of it as a Swiss-Army knife for Nintendo DS emulation, giving you access to many powerful tools for testing DS features, from viewing ROM properties to managing Action Replay cheats. And best of all, this software is completely free and open-source.


  • Run DeSmuME on both 32-bit and 64-bit Intel Macs running on OS X v10.5.8 and later. In addition, DeSmuME fully supports the latest version of OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion.
  • Save the emulated DS environment and instantly restore it using DeSmuME Save States.
  • Change the execution speed of the emulation in real-time.
  • Easily migrate files from older versions of DeSmuME to the latest version using the included File Migration Assistant.
  • Tune the emulation engines for emulation accuracy or runtime performance, according to your needs. DeSmuME features a rich set of emulation options so that you can find a balance that works best for you.
  • Choose between two CPU emulation engines -- an Interpreter engine and a Dynamic Recompiler engine. The Interpreter engine has extremely high emulation accuracy, while the Dynamic Recompiler engine is one of the fastest engines available.
  • Choose between two 3D rendering engines -- a software-based renderer and an OpenGL-based renderer. Different games look better on each 3D renderer, and each 3D renderer has their own feature sets, so choose the 3D renderer that looks best for your game.
  • You don't need an ARM9 BIOS, ARM7 BIOS, or DS firmware, since DeSmuME emulates these things internally. However, DeSmuME allows the use of external BIOS and firmware files if you still choose to use them.
  • Use your standard keyboards, mice, trackballs, and trackpads. In addition, DeSmuME has built-in support for all HID-compliant input devices, so you can use your favorite gamepads and joysticks too.
  • Save your favorite input profiles and apply them later as needed.
  • Show the DS displays across multiple windows! Each display window has independent display settings from one another. Display windows can also be set to show only the main screen, only the touch screen, or a combination of both screens in a single window.
  • Resize and rotate displays in real-time, as well as change their orientation, order and separation distance.
  • Upscale the video output using a plethora of included filters. Enhance the video output on your modern high-resolution monitor, or pixellate the video output -- retro-style!
  • Use your favorite Action Replay cheat codes, as well as import Action Replay cheat codes from an R4 Cheat Database.
  • Add your own custom cheats by using DeSmuME's value search tools.


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