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Steam Deck 9 months, 1 week ago #4646

I bought mine early, but only recently found the full benefit.. so it was an emulation machine for me at first. But recently ive been using it as steam and playstation remote play... this thing is amazing.

Caveat... my windows gaming experience (games that are emulated) has been very very poor... games that are marked fully working.. just dont work.. Normally id be the type to dive in and fix and figure out why.. but im older and dont care anymore... especially since steam remote play really does work alomst perfectly in a local network.

Re: Steam Deck 9 months ago #4647

I got sick of waiting for Valve to release it in Australia (and I didn't want to go through the hassle of VPN + mail forwarding to get a US model), so I bought one of the Chinese competitors instead — the Ayaneo Air.

It's also fantastic, with a couple of caveats — lightweight, beautiful (albeit a little smaller than ideal) screen, superb for emulation, remote play, and any PC games that work well with a controller, but it runs Windows by default (and it's a horrible OS for a gaming handheld, with bad battery life and performance penalties) and the various Linux flavours that work with it (including SteamOS) are burdened by the same Windows-games-sometimes-don't-work problems you mentioned as well as an always-on and very bright thumbstick LED that doesn't yet have any Linux driver support.

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