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UnityPPU 8 years, 8 months ago #4062

This is an emulation-ish thing which can run on Mac, so it's mostly relevant kinda
As I mentioned on another thread, I recently got bored brushing up on Unity3D and decided to see how stupid-easy it would be to make a limited-color palette-graphics shader. One thing led to another and now I have nearly the whole NES Pixel Processing Unit approximated in a Unity2D scene. It's not quite done/nailed/documented, but it's getting quite close and will hopefully be more than enough to convince a couple upcoming job interviewers that yes, I actually can work at an advanced level in Unity C#.

Temporary demo is up at www.psychsoftware.org/stuff/temp/UPPU_Web/UPPU_Web.html
Once I lock it down, it will migrate to my regular portfolio.
Update: Official project listing at www.psychsoftware.org/portfolio/?tab=Software&sec=Other

Mainly just tooting my own horn here, but if anyone with emulator experience can spot behavior which is majorly wrong or suggest other features to show, I may work them into updates.
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