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XRoar is a multi-platform Dragon 32/64 and Tandy Colour Computer (CoCo) models 1 & 2 emulator. These machines were home computers in the early 1980s, competing against the more powerful and more popular Apple II, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and Commodore 64.

It requires firmware ROM images to run.


  • Emulates Dragon 32, Dragon 64, Tano Dragon, Tandy CoCo 1 & 2.
  • Emulates DragonDOS, Delta and RSDOS disk systems.
  • Raw and translated keyboard modes.
  • Reads and writes virtual cassettes (compact .cas files and audio files).
  • Reads and writes VDK, JVC and DMK format virtual floppy diskettes.
  • Save and load snapshots.


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