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Audio Overload for Catalina
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TOPIC: Audio Overload for Catalina

Re: Audio Overload for Catalina 3 years, 2 months ago #4581

Richard Bannister wrote:
Squishy Tia wrote:

I noticed that the key mappings changed from the arrow keys to the < and > keys, and there is no longer any key mapped to "restart track" (you have to click it with the mouse now). Any chance of getting those arrow keys back, or at least the "/" key that used to restart tracks? I like that this version fixes the open file window not remembering the last used folder. So many OS X apps got broken in 10.12+ with that (especially DVD Player, which won't remember the last used folder unless you access the open file window while the app is not using fullscreen mode).

The arrow keys are reserved for moving up and down the playlist.

I've just hooked up the '/' key to restart tracks. That'll be in the next update.

FWIW, I am currently looking for a new job (damn COVID-19) and while I do that my focus is on projects with revenue potential. If anyone reading this fancies some retro game remakes, I've put out a bunch of them with more in gestation even as I type this:


Cheers, I'll grab 'em and write a nice review to support the cause (pretty good deal TBH). Wishing you all the best mate, stay well!

Couple of take it or leave it ideas for future classic re-makes...
- Daleks
- Lode Runner
- Stunt Copter
- Revenge of the Mutant Camels
- Silkworm
- Discovery (childhood Amiga favourite that I'd love to bring a modernised version of to my kids )
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