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OpenEmu: Change is Coming
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TOPIC: OpenEmu: Change is Coming

Re: OpenEmu: Change is Coming 11 years, 8 months ago #3404


Re: OpenEmu: Change is Coming 11 years, 8 months ago #3405

You guys have it the wrong way round. OpenEmu has existed since 2008; Open Emulator only emerged in 2011. Do your research before throwing knives at them.

Re: OpenEmu: Change is Coming 11 years, 8 months ago #3407

Okay, I didn't know that.

In any case, I rather suspect that the new version of OpenEmu will get a lot more attention than the previous versions did. My point holds; in the interests of avoiding ongoing confusion, it'd be good for the developers of both projects to arm wrestle for the name.


Re: OpenEmu: Change is Coming 11 years, 8 months ago #3414

Theres no controversy here at all. There is no arm wrestling required. Not sure why some here are trying to stoke some fires that were never and have no chance of being lit.

The guys at OpenEmu know the developer of OpenEmulator fairly well, he has hung out in our IRC channel etc.
I'm pretty sure our name came first but, it was never brought up as a controversial talking point, though he was laughing and *facepalming' over it a little.

What was discussed is maybe including his stuff into OpenEmu I believe (this all took place in and around the time I joined the project, could be slightly wrong about that detail). There was also some good banter and discussion about his approach to emulating all this old stuff on his project and ours... devs enjoying the company of other good devs.

So... no issues. Peaceful.
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Re: OpenEmu: Change is Coming 11 years, 8 months ago #3419

Interesting to hear that. Integrating his emulator would probably help him out if OpenEmu really does take off.

And, to clarify, I wasn't stoking any fires. My concern was that, with the two emulators having such similar names, the popularity of one could eclipse the other's chance of being registered as a different application by potential users (I think some had initially perceived this as 'arrogance' on the part of OpenEmu).

It then occurred to me that the names of both emulators are slightly generic and don't make it immediately clear what it is that they emulate. IMO, regardless of the similar name issue, OpenEmu might benefit from a either a clearer name or something distinctive and with a little more pizazz (just taking a look at the apps in my dock, they all do one or the other).

Can't wait to see the release, whatever the case!

Re: OpenEmu: Change is Coming 11 years, 8 months ago #3420

Having heard quite a bit about what the OpenEmu team is doing and where the project's going, I think the name is a good one. But I'll admit that before I interviewed the team and tried the development builds I shared your concern.

I also remember when I first heard about Open Emulator—it must have been at least a year now—I got confused. I didn't know what it was, or how it differed from OpenEmu (to be brief, Open Emulator is a modularly-designed Apple-family emulator—currently focused on getting basic Apple I and Apple II emulation up to speed. It's very much for hackers and geeks, with huge potential for detailed customisation and extension. OpenEmu also has a modular, plugin-based design, but it's meant as an "everything" emulator with an emphasis on the user experience. It's the emulator we've all been waiting for, which finally cuts out the crap and makes playing old games simple.)

I understand the logic behind the Open Emulator name, but if anything is to be renamed I think that should be the one—even if it just gets the word "Apple" shoved in the middle. You'd never guess what it emulates from the name; you might have more luck guessing OpenEmu's scope.

It is pretty funny that they independently came up with what is effectively the same name, though.

Re: OpenEmu: Change is Coming 11 years, 6 months ago #3474

ill believe it when i see it

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