Sega Announces Ultimate Genesis iPhone Emulator

Niemann on Wednesday, 20 January 2010. Posted in News

Sega, creator of the original Sega Genesis console system, has just announced Sega's Ultimate Genesis app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Fundamentally, this free app allows the purchase of many classic Sega games such as Sonic the Hedgehog ($5.99) and Golden Axe ($4.99).  This app appears to be a fully featured emulator which downloads authentic ROMs of the original games; this means you receive the most authentic experience possible.

What is unique about this product is that it is an emulator and appears to be in direct conflict with Apple's AppStore policies.  Current Sega Genesis emulators for the iPhone are available only on jailbroken iPhones (genesis4iphone video above; ignore terrible music).  Others have successfully released similar products for the iPhone including C64, which is a Virtual Console-esque app for the Commodore 64.

The app is free and includes one free game; Space Harrier II.  Anyone else want to see Road Rash or General Chaos on the iPhone (or iPad) as much as we do?

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