News Roundup: Jaunary 20 - March 21

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Apologies for the break in service. We should be back to roundups every 4-5 weeks from here on out. We could always do with volunteers to help carry the weight, though.

Atari 2600 emulator Stella hit version 3.8 in February, with major changes to the sound system and ZIP archive handling. 3.8.1 followed at the beginning of March, with a few bugfixes and support for TIA RSYNC writes. See the Stella news page for more details. As always, you can get a download link here.

After taking more than nine years to reach its first stable release, ResidualVM has already popped out another one. Version 0.1.1 fixes around 20 bugs in the engine code and a dozen in Grim Fandango’s game data. Get it from the ResidualVM downloads page.

Sega Saturn emulator Yabause got its first update in 14 months near the end of January. Version 0.9.12 (link to announcement post) includes major updates to both the software and OpenGL renderers, adds ISO support to the OS X port, and adds the debug interface to the Qt port. Grab it from the Yabause download page.

Four years to the day after its last release, Sega Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, ColecoVision, and NES (those last two are newly-added) emulator CrabEmu has been updated to version 0.2.0. You’ll have to download it for the full (and lengthy) changelog, but there’s been extensive work done on the GUI and Master System core.

Continue reading for more emulator updates from the past two months, including new versions of FS-UAE, XRoar, DBGL, VirtualBox (of course), and more.

Gaming-focused Amiga emulator FS-UAE has been updated to version 2.2.0. Highlights from the release notes include an improved Launcher UI, more input options, PAL/NTSC mode switching, and initial support for the Open Amiga Game Database.

Java-based PSP emulator JPCSP has new svn snapshots available. Head over to this link for automated builds, complete with commit logs. There appear to be several posted each day, and it recently passed 3,000 revisions. You can see the compatibility list here.

PPSSPP, the rising star of the PSP emulator scene, still lacks official OS X builds, but there’s currently an experimental SDL build being direct-linked from the downloads page. Updates are coming thick and fast, but it looks like build maintainer angelXwind is keeping fairly up-to-date.

Apple II emulator Virtual ][ has been updated to version 7.2.1. The only change is a fix to an incompatibility bug with sound emulation in OS X 10.7 Lion. 

Arcade emulator MAME has been updated to version 0.148u2. See here for a change log. SDLMAME, the Mac command-line port, has also been updated. The PowerPC builds of SDLMAME are now being posted here, courtesy of SnakeCoils on MediaFire.

XRoar, a Dragon and Tandy Color Computer emulator, has been updated to version 0.29.4. The ChangeLog has yet to be updated at the time of writing, but this fixes problems with single-bit sound, Dragon 32 printing, and the “-cart-becker” option. There’s also now a separate 64-bit build for newer Macs.

Dapplegrey, a DOSBox frontend, has been updated to version 3.4.2. Changes since January include improved drag-and-drop support for CD images and several bugfixes. See the Classics For X RSS feed for more details.

DBGL, another DOSBox frontend and launcher, has been updated to version 0.75. This adds support for custom autoexec commands, implements column image stretching, improves game info querying, and more. See the changelog for a full list of updates.

Open-source machine emulator and virtualiser QEMU has hit version 1.4.0. This update brings loads of changes and fixes to the system emulation, which you can check out here.

VirtualBox, an open-source x86 virtualisation tool, is back on monthly maintenance releases. Versions 4.2.8 and 4.2.10 both include fixes to crash bugs on OS X. See here for the full changelog.

There are regular builds being posted on ConsoleEmu for PlayStation emulator PCSX-Reloaded, Mupen64Plus frontend wxMupen64Plus, and NES emulator FCEUX. Keep tabs on the ConsoleEmu Twitter for news.

Got any news tips? Let us know on the forums.

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