News Round-up: September 3 - October 7

mossy_11 on Thursday, 07 October 2010. Posted in News

pd6fm_box_161x166pxParallels Desktop 6 for Mac is now available. The new version boasts enhanced performance, remote access via iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, easier setup, up to 80% faster 3D graphics performance, and Surround Sound 5.1 support, amongst a wealth of other features. Check out the official website for more information.

jpcsp_logoJava-based PSP emulator JPCSP has made considerable progress in recent months, with the latest release (0.6) offering a host of new features and major improvements. The developers boast compatibility with more than 70 games (commercial and homebrew). See the release notes for full details on the update, and the homepage for more information about the emulator. [Thanks dickmedd for the tip.]

DapplegreyQuickfire updates have been released for DOSBOX front-end Dapplegrey, which is now at version 2.16. Changes include more freedom to choose which DOS executable file to use when starting a game, in addition to a few related tweaks to the interface and behaviour.

mini_vmacAn alpha build has been released for Macintosh Plus emulator Mini vMac’s upcoming 3.2.1 update. Described by the developer as the “netbook edition,” the update promises more accurate timing in CPU emulation, while a new feature called “AutoSlow” allows users to conserve battery power by reducing the emulation speed to 1x when no input or output occurs for two seconds. See the Mini vMac website for more information.

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Work has begun on a new PlayStation emulator called libposx. Libposx aims to be an OS X-only emulation library, which may be integrated into full programs. The project is open to new developers, if anyone is interested. See the libpos website for more details.


pcsxSpeedofMac’s tireless work to keep PCSX-Reloaded builds up-to-date with the latest change sets continues unabated. The latest build at the time of writing is 58115. Check out his website for the pre-compiled version or head over to the official PCSX-Reloaded website for the source code.

stellaStella, an Atari 2600 VCS emulator, has been updated to version 3.2.2. The update fixes a bug with window centering. See the Stella site for full details.

sweet16Apple IIgs emulator Sweet16 has been updated to version 2.2.1. The new version corrects a bug in I/O handling with the CleverPort ROM.

MAME development continues at a steady pace, with the latest release, 0.139u3, offering a number of graphics fixes. The SDLMAME port has been updated to match the changes. See the changelog here.

mednafenMulti-system emulator Mednafen has been updated to version 0.8.D.3. This release fixes a significant memory leak in video output. See the Changelog for full details or download it here.

xroarDragon 32/64 emuiator XRoar has reached version 0.24. The update provides an improved ALSA sound module, SDL video module fixes, and several other improvements. See the changelog for full details on the update, and the homepage for a download link.

Neo Geo CD emulator NeoRaine has received a long-awaited Mac release. Get it here.

Got any news tips? Let us know on the forums. I’d also like to know if there’s anything else you’d like me to cover, such as (retro-themed?) game releases, productivity software, or iPhone Apps. Hit up the comments if you have any suggestions or requests.

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