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mossy_11 on Monday, 05 July 2010. Posted in News

cranky-kong-wants-you2To write about old games.

We’re starting a new feature here called Retro Game of the Week (see the first entry here). The basic idea is that someone (you, perhaps) writes an article about an old game, then the MacScene the community discusses said game. Simple, right?

If it’s going to work, though, we need your help. I will organise everything and help the volunteers with their articles (if necessary). But that’s the thing -- this is a community feature, so it has to be community driven in order to work long-term.

I have created a forum thread that will list all games suggested for future entries. Go there to suggest a game for someone else to write about or to stake out your territory on the games you want to do.

If you are willing to write or contribute to a Retro Game of the Week article, you can send me a message, comment on an article, or post on the forums. I’ll be creating a forum thread for tracking the schedule as soon as there is one, so you’ll be able to check when you committed to helping out, or see when there is an opening that might suit you.

Hit "read more" for more information.


What games are appropriate?

Anything “retro.” This means that the latest Halo or Call of Duty is perhaps not suitable. But the original Halo or Call of Duty might be a chance. Recent games with a retro vibe would be considered on a case-by-case basis -- if the MacScene community deems it inappropriate, then it’s out; otherwise, it’s in. If really old games are your thing, that’s cool too. Likewise for obscure titles. One week could cover Spacewar, another Zork, the next Bound High. Nothing is too retro or too obscure, just keep in mind that discussion may be limited if no-one has heard of or played your game of choice, and they can’t easily track it down, either.

How long/what format should the articles be?

I’ve gone ahead and written the article for our first Retro Game of the Week, Prince of Persia. You’re free to use that as a template if you want, but it is not a requirement. The article needs to introduce the game in some way, give an indication of how it plays and what is good/bad about it, and ask some questions to the community. That’s it. You can get creative or do a conventional review, or whatever you like. The article will be checked and edited as required before it goes live, and you’re welcome to discuss content or style with me anytime.

So if you’re interested or otherwise willing, drop us a line in the comments or on the forum, or send me a message, and I’ll get you started.

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