Sega Game Gear

Kega Fusion
  • Author: Steve Snake
  • Kega Fusion

Kega Fusion

Kega Fusion is an accuracy-focused emulator of multiple Sega systems, created by Steve Snake.

  • Author: OpenEmu Team
  • OpenEmu


OpenEmu is an open source project to bring game emulation to OS X as a first class citizen, leveraging modern OS X technologies such as Cocoa, Core Animation and Quartz, and 3rd party libraries like Sparkle for auto-updating. OpenEmu is based on a modular architecture, allowing for game emulators as plugins, this means OpenEmu can support a host of different emulation engines and back-ends while retaining a familiar OS X native front-end.

Our sister site,, talked to the OpenEmu team for a feature article on how they hope to bring emulation to the masses.

SMS Plus
  • Author: Richard Bannister
  • SMS Plus

SMS Plus

The hardware for the Sega Master System and Game Gear consoles is almost identical from a technical standpoint, a feature that helped develop the software library for both platforms. All classic titles can be emulated without problems in SMS Plus, including several which give inferior emulators trouble.

  • TwoMbit


TwoMbit is a cycle-accurate emulator for Sega's 8-bit game consoles, the Master System, Game Gear, and SG-1000.