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The history of ClarisWorks
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TOPIC: The history of ClarisWorks

The history of ClarisWorks 9 years, 5 months ago #432

Just found this article on the history of ClarisWorks -- the chief Mac competitor to Microsoft Works (a cut-down version of Microsoft Office) in the 90s. It's written by one of the original developers, and is quite an interesting tale.

It makes me wonder just how often destructive rifts form between management and development teams at software companies.
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Re:The history of ClarisWorks 9 years, 5 months ago #434

What an interesting article. I'm sure these rifts exist all over the place. In my field it's between marketing and the design team. I remember using that program all the time thinking it was outstanding for it's primary function. Many a paper was written in that software.

Re:The history of ClarisWorks 9 years, 5 months ago #441

Claris CAD was another quality program (we used that for a lot of design classes in high school back in the day.)

RIP Claris

Of course ClarisWorks became AppleWorks... did part of that then turn into Pages? Probably not... but AppleWorks was okay.

Edit: Interesting... never knew... ClarisWorks BEGAN its life as AppleWorks. Claris was then a spin-off company of Apple's that made AppleWorks for MacOS and Windows. Afterwards Apple took back AppleWorks (and that's the AppleWorks I know.)

Interesting bit of history...
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Re:The history of ClarisWorks 8 years, 10 months ago #1552

I have never used ClarisWorks, but I used the "reincarnated" AppleWorks. Honestly, I think it's much better than iWork. I dunno, but I think that office suites haven't evolved much in the last 15 years, other than changing file formats so that we have to buy new versions.

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