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Movies/TV Shows Thread 13 years ago #1530

I was thinking of some of the many movies that were coming out recently and thought there should be a thread for that, so I wanted to create one. My first recommendation would be "Kick-Ass," which came out on DVD recently, if nobody heard about that yet. My second is "Frankenhole," which is a new show about Frankenstein, where he and some other funny characters are immortal and they help out people from many different times and places, who come to the lab from wormholes called "Frankenholes."
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Re: Movies/TV Shows Thread 13 years ago #1531

Ahh, I just saw Kick-Ass recently. It was excellent. I have great hopes for Scott Pilgrim and Tron as well.

Re: Movies/TV Shows Thread 13 years ago #1533

I also share the super super high hopes for Tron. I'm looking forward to RE: Afterlife if only it was not in 3d. I gotta see if Alice can bring down Umbrella. After all it's her last movie in the RE series as they are going to reboot it. And lastly Saw how odd is this my Mother-in-Law and I have been going to see Saw every year since it started as she loves these kind of movies as do I. They may be over done at this point but I have to see how it all ends and ties up. Machete seems like an over the top forget the afternoon and watch some violence film and I'll be there to soak it all in. Jackass yes yes I know. Been a fan since the CKY. I've got a sick sense of humor.
And last but not least for me the new Narnia movie. I only read one book but I like the way the movies are done.
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