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Rant... 10 months ago #4449

Been using a hackintosh for over a year due to the Mac Pro not being updated. Due to a monitor issue that I thought was a graphics card issue, I wiped my bios settings and now am forced into windows only. OMG I HATE windows. It has a litany of intrusive issues. I miss my mac so much. Please please please Apple, release a new fucking mac...

Re: Rant... 10 months ago #4450

Are you talking about Windows 10? Cause I'd agree with you.

Also, Linux is still an option for you.

Re: Rant... 10 months ago #4451

Yes definitely windows 10.. I could definitely switch to Linux, but I had this machine ready as a Bootcamp gaming machine already, so I was willing to give Windows a try. October 30th new macs should be announced. I can scrape by until then.

Re: Rant... 9 months, 3 weeks ago #4452

Well, Mac Mini is ordered. Seems overpriced, but it is what it is. (Total for a MINI being 2200+ seems obnoxious)

Re: Rant... 9 months, 2 weeks ago #4453

They start below $1000. It's your decision to spec it up

Re: Rant... 9 months, 2 weeks ago #4454

Should be fairly easy to get back into OS X with only minor changes (VT-d disabled, EHCI/XHCI handoff set to Auto instead of Smart Auto, XMP Profile 1 on RAM (autotetected if using iMac14,2 (IGP only) or 14,3 (IGP and/or GPU)). This assumes you used Clover and have proper settings there. If so, just resetting the BIOS should get you back in rather quickly.

Hackintosh protip: Always, always make a USB installer and copy your Clover EFI install do the EFI partition of the USB flash drive.

I've got a dual boot Winblows 10 Pro/10.12.6 hackintosh here. Of course mine was done a bit more thoroughly by creating a clean DSDT, renaming the USB ports (no longer necessary manually in many cases) and dropping OEM and DMAR tables in Clover. My only regret with this build is that I got the shittiest sample of the entire 4770k CPU line. It can't OC for shit. At all. Not even with a Noctua NH-D14 w/ three fan push/pull/pull (exhaust is final pull) configuration. Probably a TIM issue underneath the heat spreader on the CPU itself. Haswell was infamous for that.

Love my 1080Ti though.

Re: Rant... 9 months, 2 weeks ago #4455

Mac Mini is nice and fast. Adding a Vega 64 over eGPU in a few weeks. Faster than my old Mac Pro, no where near as fast as my Hackintosh was.. At least I've gotr a good gaming rig still.

My EFI is on usb backed up. There was a major fight against my motherboard the first time, never wa sable to upgrade to High Sierra, definitely not Mojave. Nice to have an official mac again for daily work in the office. Home machine is still a Mac Pro

Re: Rant... 9 months, 1 week ago #4456

I'd still be on my Mac Pro except it's a 1,1 whose time has come and gone. Literally nothing that I need to run runs on it anymore other than QuickTime 7 Pro (for MIDI exporting). It's been relegated to being a Windows XP machine for my grandpa since all he needs is web browsing (Firefox), email (Outlook), Solitaire and Scrabble 2.0.

Once official Coffee Lake support is in, I'll be looking to go with a 9900k build. Really want a new system that has HDCP 2.2 components for my 4k blu-ray desires.

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