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Yosemite... 5 years ago #3980

How are y'all liking it?

Re: Yosemite... 5 years ago #3981

For the first time ever, I've updated to a new OS X release within the first week.

I've noticed a little slowdown on my mid-2011 iMac. Disappointed that Continuity/Handoff won't work, even with a third-party BLE adapter, but I'm not surprised given Apple's track record.

Only updated last night, so haven't tried any emus (or much software at all yet) so there's plenty of time to find out what's broken!
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Re: Yosemite... 5 years ago #3982

It's been great on my late-2012 iMac. Got a whole lot of extra hard drive space, everything runs smoother and faster, the sidebar widgets are useful, and handoff is cool (so far I've only used it to carry iPad browsing sessions over to the Mac, though).

The new built-in app icons are taking some getting used to, but I mostly open things via Spotlight (which got a pretty solid upgrade of its own) — so I've only been confused while command-tabbing between a large number of open apps.

Re: Yosemite... 5 years ago #3983

I love it!
My iPhone 4 still runs iOS6 because at first I really disliked the new UI and especially the icons, but over time that opinion changed a bit (I still think the Safari, Calculator and some other Icons on iOS are damn ugly). Now I just don't update it because it would make that old phone even slower.
But I installed Yosemite the weekend it was released. I like many of the new concepts. App windows can now be completely dark (by using dark background and "unified titlebar" (don't know the official name, but the Notes.app is a good example).

Can't wait for a new iPhone to actually use Continuity and all the other stuff.
It's a bit weird that Safari doesn't show any favicons (besides in the bookmarks menu). And Safari without tabs doesn't show the page title anywhere in that window.

I still miss a feature to send something from the mac to the clipboard of the iPhone. Like when I want to share a link with a friend, but we chat only using a mobile app I always have to use an annoying workaround.

Re: Yosemite... 5 years ago #3984

Re: Yosemite... 5 years ago #3985

I'm semi hating Handoff. If I answer the call from my phone, my Mac still rings for like 5 seconds..
Hate the new dock... It keeps switching monitors on me... give me an option to lock it...
Love Swift.. definitely gonna be using this language a shot for my next app
Been running since public beta... my honest take, other than new icons and Swift... nothing to see here folks, maybe next year. (I am a HEAVY ios user, averaging 25-30 gigs a month on 4g, I guess SMS syncing to Messages is nice, but blah)

Re: Yosemite... 5 years ago #3987

EThings I've noticed so-far. Of note I'm a Winblows software developerat work but am re-training as a lawyer so do all my legal research/assignments at home so use Pages, Word, Endnote. I also use iPhoto, iTunes and a stack of widgets on a day to day basis (and a Mac Mini as a media centre for my TV). Observations:
- Login!!!! The login screen appears INSTANTLY... then the OS loads. They reversed it? Sure startup only takes ~10 seconds since I have an i7 with an SSD but still. I was used to pushing the power button, turning the kettle on, coming back THEN entering my password. This is no longer possible. Also, startup seems a bit slower? Maybe? Probably because I have to watch it all now (the whole 10 seconds of it... okay not a biggie).
- Widgets in that sidebar are cool but none of the ones I use work with it. I was sorta thinking they'd let you use ALL widgets in the sidebar. Oh well, time for me to make some for it... really neat idea.
- The new look is more up with the times. I personally like it (and the green button turning into a fullscreen button). Only complaint is all the completely new icons. I'll get used to it, but I'm a visual person... I look at the icons, not their labels so get a bit confused when somebody changes them all up.
- To me the big negative (which has been happening for a while) is file navigation! I'm certainly not a windows guy but IMO Apple is progressively sandboxing our access to our HD. The other day I was trying to copy a file path and navigate to a variation of it. At work I just change the address like I would a web address. Sure I can 'go to folder' but... hard to describe! When I open a folder I'm not navigating the absolute path and I find it hard to find out WHERE a folder is. I've done a terminal hack that shows the exact path at the top (which looks butt ugly).
- Spotlight? Again... the big search box in the middle of the screen is clean and simple. I'm often searching for hidden files/folders or wanting to do advanced searches though!!! I feel REALLY sandboxed with spotlight. Sure it's fast, but I sorta know where all MY files are because I catalogue them. Usually I only search when it's a file that I'm unsure of... 90% of the time I find Spotlight won't discover these files because it's sandboxed.
- Stability... seems solid? Which is great for a brnd new release. Admittedly my friend (a video editor) ALWAYS has issues because he has lots of high-end pro quality PCI cards/devices that invariably cause crashes until the OS is a few years old. For me... OS X gets faster and more stable with every release. I like Apple's polishing!
- Overall... it's free and offers a lot of stuff (without breaking anything that I use). I'm personally a fan. Although, I would sorta prefer an 'advanced' mode for power users such as myself. I prefer a lot of features being a little less sandboxed and unfortunately feel that Apple's moving down the sandbox road a little too quickly for my liking. Still love it and am glad I got a lot of free value out of it (on my 2010 i7 MBP... no issues despite the age, faster if anything)!

Thanks Apple! You still provide the only OS I can stand to use at home. Hard to say but when I'm studying the law's the difficult/technical stuff so I really love how OS X lets me focus on THAT work rather than the computer itself. Apple user since 1984 and it just feels right... they've still got it.
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Re: Yosemite... 5 years ago #3988

Control or command click the title of the window to get a drop down of the folder path. (More meant for navigating, but it certainly works)

Also, not sure if you've noticed, but there is this: On the View menu, make sure to select show path bar. Then at the bottom of every windows is the full path.

Re: Yosemite... 5 years ago #3990

menace690 wrote:
Control or command click the title of the window to get a drop down of the folder path. (More meant for navigating, but it certainly works)

Also, not sure if you've noticed, but there is this: On the View menu, make sure to select show path bar. Then at the bottom of every windows is the full path.

Very nice!! Thanks for the tips mate

Re: Yosemite... 4 years, 11 months ago #4006

menace690 wrote:
Control or command click the title of the window to get a drop down of the folder path. (More meant for navigating, but it certainly works)

Sadly, this doesn't work in Safari 8 anymore. Was always a nice feature to have that in a WebBrowser too.

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Re: Yosemite... 4 years, 11 months ago #4007

Two options for Safari:
Just click on the url bar and it brings up the entire current link.

If you want it always there, go to preferences->advanced and check Smart Search Field [ ] Show full website address

Re: Yosemite... 4 years, 11 months ago #4008

I know, that shows the full url, but that is a completely different thing than the old cmd+click in the titlename of a window.

Re: Yosemite... 4 years, 10 months ago #4010

Thanks for that GitHub link, menace690. It actually popped up in my Twitter feed just before you posted. Unfortunately, it necessitates a hardware mod, which I really can't be bothered to do for just one feature...

...but that's not the end of the story. Just days after assuming that this feature would pass me by, Messages asked if I wanted to receive text messages when my phone was on my network. A little after confirming this, my Mac started ringing. I'm still not sure if I was just mistaken about my hardware or what, but it certainly seems to invalidate this chart:

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