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Beneath a Steel Sky Sequel - Apple Arcade
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TOPIC: Beneath a Steel Sky Sequel - Apple Arcade

Beneath a Steel Sky Sequel - Apple Arcade 2 weeks ago #4502

Okay I'm slow, this has been known since March 2019. However, I'm an old Amiga fan and spent much of my childhood working my way through Beneath a Steel Sky (released in 1994!)

IMO it's pretty awesome to see its sequel actually happening (*SPOILER* the iOS version tells you it's coming). While I haven't kept up to date with modern Apple, the fact it will be on Apple Arcade also impresses me as it means I'll probably be able to play it (I'm still disappointed that, for example, Dreamfall Chapters exists, but cannot be played on most Macs due to the graphics requirements).

Anyhow, it's worth watching the trailer...etc if you're a fan www.apple.com/au/apple-arcade/ VERY exciting after so many long years!!!

If you've never played the original then it's worth either buying the re-make from the app store or downloading the free version for usage with ScummVM.

Re: Beneath a Steel Sky Sequel - Apple Arcade 1 week, 5 days ago #4503

More info here and here.

And also worth noting that, while the lead designer and the artist behind the original are both leads on this one, Dave Cummins, the writer/designer and composer who was most responsible the brilliance of that first game, died over a decade ago.

So between that and Revolution's spotty record in more recent years, it's probably best not to expect too much. It might be great, sure, but it might not be.

All that said, you've reminded me that I never finished Beneath a Steel Sky. Must have gotten at least halfway through when I was playing on my...er, I can't remember whether it was the iOS port on my iPod touch or original in ScummVM on my phone/laptop/DS. (One of those games I make a point of installing on most devices, because I'd love to get all the way to the ending, but never get around to actually playing.

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