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Mednafen - Saturn only build & text-based launcher
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TOPIC: Mednafen - Saturn only build & text-based launcher

Mednafen - Saturn only build & text-based launcher 4 years, 7 months ago #4489

I've cobbled together a Saturn-only build of Mednafen and a text-based launcher if anybody's interested (see attached). Below is a 'screenshot' of what it looks like:

The following Saturn games were found; select one:
1) 102 Nights into Dreams (E).cue
2) 173 Rayman (U).cue
3) 317 Sonic R (U).cue
4) Daytona USA (E).cue
5) Panzer Dragoon 2 ZWEI (E).cue
6) Shining Force III (U)(Saturn).cue
7) Vampire Savior (JAP) (DW0133).cue
Use number to select a file, 'set' to install settings or 'stop' to cancel:

Basically, you can pop a bunch of Saturn games into the 'ROMs' folder, fire up the launcher and enter the number corresponding with the game you'd like to play. This is useful for me because I'm hopeless at making Cocoa GUIs, have very little time to spend learning cocoa and was getting frustrated having to drag stuff into a terminal window every time I wanted to play Saturn games.

Anyhow I thought I'd share this because as I'm finding it pretty useful. I'm sure somebody can do much better... maybe this will inspire them?

Stuff that may not work:
- I haven't bundled the BIOS ROMs with it for obvious reasons (or made an installer for them). I think Mednafen works without them... might... maybe not actually. If somebody tries this and it doesn't work, I'm happy to implement an 'easy install' option for them.
- SDL (and possibly other libraries). I think I've statically linked SDL, but am yet to confirm this. If you use it and it says 'noooo... you need SDL!!' then let me know and I can try to fix it.
- Permissions. OS X is sandboxed heavily these days and a bunch of things may not work due to permissions (e.g. launching my script might pull up a big 'heeey this script's trying to launch a binary that was compiled by an unidentified developer... this is a massive security risk and we can't allow it to happen'. Let me know if this is the case and I'll see what I can do.

I can't get the file upload thingie to work, so here's the attachment... ss_mednafen.tar.gz.

Damn the Saturn was an awesome console!!!
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