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Additional Necromancy...
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TOPIC: Additional Necromancy...

Additional Necromancy... 1 week, 2 days ago #4445

So it turns out that some of the assumptions I made in Emulator Enhancer v3.0 didn't quite hold true on Mojave.

I need some help testing a beta build of Genesis Plus – both on Mojave and on earlier OS versions – to make sure I haven't broken anything.


Note that this will not work with the current release build of Emulator Enhancer. I'll have an updated build of that in due course.

Feedback please.

Re: Additional Necromancy... 1 week ago #4446

The new build works fine so far, Richard.

But it seems the graphics are much slower. During testing I saw much more stuttering in the video. Using turbo on the current published version I can get 570 FPS, while on this test build I can only get up to 180 FPS (1x video size, no filters). Without turbo, the FPS counter stays at 60-61 FPS (even using HQ3X). There was no difference in CPU utilization between builds.

Testing was done on a MacBook Air Late 2010. 1.86 GHz Intel Core2 Duo. NVIDIA GeForce 320M w/256MB VRAM. macOS 10.12.6.

Take care

Re: Additional Necromancy... 1 week ago #4447

Interesting. I am not seeing that on my test machines.

Anyone else see the same problem?

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