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Yabause progress?
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TOPIC: Yabause progress?

Yabause progress? 5 years ago #4406


Edit: probably a false alarm. Reading through the compatibility list, a lot of games play/render better without OpenGL. Somebody probably just compiled it without OpenGL, so I got all excited realising that some things work better without OpenGL.

Still pretty awesome realising I can play Sonic R, Nights into Dreams, Panzer Dragon, Virtua Fighter, Vampire Savior and the like. For whatever reason, I didn't think you could. Probably best to stick to the stable version though


Does anybody know how Yabause for OS X (or whatever it is called these days) is coming along?

Since last year's piece of amazing reverse-engineering (previously covered here - www.patreon.com/prof_abrasive), dev builds of Yabause have been broken. However, I've been downloading them every month or so just incase some amazing dev build popped up. Long story short, today's build opens, allows me to play games (using software rendering). Also anecdotally, the quality of the rendering seems much better than it was a few years back (i.e. no whacky lines and missing/garbled textures).

Is this build just a random oddity that's taken over my optimistic/anecdotal approach? Or, are we getting close to a big release?
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Re: Yabause progress? 5 years ago #4420


A lot of the changes here are being back ported.

Re: Yabause progress? 4 years, 11 months ago #4427

menace690 wrote:

A lot of the changes here are being back ported.

Cool. Is it likely that the OpenGL ES 3.x code will be useful for non-embedded systems? Lotsa games seem to be working quite well now, but the lack of functional OpenGL support is arguably limiting.

Re: Yabause progress? 4 years, 11 months ago #4428

As OpenGL ES is a subset or regular OpenGL, and therefor should be backward compatible to non-consoles.

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