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Emulating your childhood with EmuVR
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TOPIC: Emulating your childhood with EmuVR

Emulating your childhood with EmuVR 6 years ago #4357

I don't even see a download link here, let alone Mac vs PC release details, but it's a fun concept.
And wow, that website design is totally radical!


Re: Emulating your childhood with EmuVR 6 years ago #4358

I love the idea and the concept videos. Don't know if I'd be into it as my preferred way to play old games, partly because of the discomfort of using VR for long periods and partly because their virtual rooms are so totally different to what I grew up with, but if it's as cool as it looks and sounds it'd be fun to do once in a while. They even got the disc spinning (albeit perhaps a little too slowly at first) when you open the PS1 lid when the game is running or was just turned off.

Agreed on the website design! Had to widen my browser window to get it displaying right, though — had a sort of garish neither here nor there overlap between the info boxes and the scrolling neon lines. The way they dynamically resize the page elements really makes it look hideous at certain page widths.

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