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Bannister emus and Gamepad Companion
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TOPIC: Bannister emus and Gamepad Companion

Bannister emus and Gamepad Companion 11 years ago #3697

As of my iMac and 10.7, USB Overdrive finally started clobbering my EE configs even when disabled. Any idea if this is a function of any/all gamepad apps, or just a side effect of how USB Overdrive in particular ran? Has anyone successfully used Bannister's emus alongside another gamepad->keyboard config tool under 10.7+? Gamepad Companion looks like the next logical contender, but it's pay-up-front and App-store managed so I'm hesitant to install it without a second opinion...

Re: Bannister emus and Gamepad Companion 11 years ago #3698

Do you have the gamepad disabled globably or only in RB's apps? It still works just fine for me (USB OD) in Lion and even Mountain Lion, and this is being on a Mac Pro 1,1 where I had to basically use brute force to install ML (it isn't my mainstay OS since I installed it only for troubleshooting purposes on the Blizzard forums).

If you've disabled globabally, it should effectively be dead. But you should only need to disable in each of RB's apps. Be aware that when you update his apps you might need to migrate your preferences to the new app, which is easy enough, though a bit rough around the edges given USB OD's very...non-intuitive way of setting things up.

One thing to look out for is that USB OD often has a single device with two address locations, and you need to make sure you have the correct physical address set in USB OD's preferences for it to work in disabling. Once disabled, EE should be able to grab ahold of the HID device on its own so long as you meet two criteria: a) RB's app must be in the foreground the entire time when configuring the device, and b) switching to/from fullscreen in combination with switching in and out of RB's app can cause issues. Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft suffer the same as the OS tries to wrest control in those scenarios, leading to odd behaviour.

Note: If your gamepad/device has any analog control sticks, upon starting up your computer, you should enter any app that uses USB OD to control them and rotate at least the left/primary analog stick a few times to "center" it, or else you end up with situations like mine where upon leaving said app "down" is always being pressed and you can't really maneuver around the OS like that.

Re: Bannister emus and Gamepad Companion 11 years ago #3699

Yeh, I don't remember my exact steps (it was a few months ago), but I do recall having set up USB OD for some other game, then gotten around to to playing something with EE which failed with USBOD in its default state, failed with USB OD disabled for the specific apps, and failed with USB OD globally disabled, which is when I just uninstalled the whole thing and EE worked again.

Re: Bannister emus and Gamepad Companion 11 years ago #3700

I know you're probably not the kind of person that overlooks these kinds of things, but you don't also have either ControllerMate or SteerMouse installed do you? While SteerMouse's name implies its for mice only, it can control gamepads too and also fights with USB OD/EE.

The other thing is this: If you have a mouse that is also controlled by USB OD, you must disable that too in USB OD for RB's apps. It'll slow your cursor to a crawl, but it is required in order to not have EE go nuts when using anything that hooks into EE.

I happen to have just such a setup, as my MS Intellimouse Optical (one of the very few mice my tiny hands can hold comfortably) requires USB OD or else it goes at a pace akin to a snail buried in frozen molasses in the dead of a Siberian winter. Thankfully RB's apps mostly allow TAB selection of window controls, except in the HID configuration window (for obvious reasons).

What device are you attempting to use with the emulators? I know there are a few finnicky ones out there.
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Re: Bannister emus and Gamepad Companion 11 years ago #3701

I use a Microsoft mouse/keyboard combo and had the same problem pre 10.8 (slow everything with the mouse, especially since I have 4 24 inch monitors...) Solved it with Microsoft's drivers...

It wasn't 10000% quirk free (still had modifier key issues with the keyboard literally switching back and forth every time I rebooted). But my mouse worked great.


Re: Bannister emus and Gamepad Companion 11 years ago #3702

Yeah, I tried MS' software, but it only let me use predefined keymaps for the buttons, which doesn't work very well in most games. So I went with USB OD and it's been great since. 10.7 and 10.8 have a separate issue in that Apple decided to disable the Terminal command that let us kill mouse acceleration (make it a flat value like you can in Windows), so once again even with USB OD those two OSes feel "off" with this mouse.

If I can get past that in any realistic manner I'll be switching to Lion ASAP (maybe ML if it remains stable).

Re: Bannister emus and Gamepad Companion 11 years ago #3703

Re: Bannister emus and Gamepad Companion 11 years ago #3704

menace690 wrote:

Unfortunately, all of those interfere with USB OD (or any other mouse configuration software), making them non-viable. I appreciate the effort though.

In 10.6.8 I could use a Terminal command to kill mouse acceleration permanently if I so choose to (I do), but that command is disabled in Lion/ML. Thanks Apple.

Apparently Apple thinks we should all have zero control over precision in our games.

Re: Bannister emus and Gamepad Companion 11 years ago #3705

OK, I gave USB OD a try in Lion and ML. Here's what I found works properly:

1) The mouse setting doesn't affect EE unless you're trying to map keys that are also bound to the mouse into your gamepad. Usually this isn't a problem since most game devices show up as Button1, Button2, etc and not keyboard mappings (notable exceptions: Nostromo Gamepad, N52, N52TE, Logitech external "gamepads" that use keyboard keys).

2) The gaming device must have an Application Profile set to "All Applications", and the "Enabled" checkbox deselected. You will need to create custom profiles for any other games outside of the RB apps/emulators that can see HID devices. Customize those to your heart's content, since they will not be enabled unless those specific apps are launched, and because you disabled the "All Applications" profile completely, outside of those customized apps USB OD will not attempt to control the gaming device.

3) If your control device has an analog switch/button to change modes, you'll want to turn this on, center it in another app as I noted above, and then enter the RB emu of choice and configure the device. You should be able to click Set in the Joystick tab for whatever emulator button function you want to map and press the corresponding button on the game controller/device. Failure to rotate the analog stick(s) as noted above can result in menus not working right because one direction is always being "pressed" until the stick is centered. Failure to turn on the Analog mode if your gaming device has one will result in the DPad functioning incorrectly as a hat switch more often than not.

4) Check to make sure your device address matches in the two sections like in the pictures below. Take note of my "Aleph One" setting how it has an address of 0xfd510000, but the other gamepad status window shows an address of 0xfd310000. The "status" window is correct, but my "Aleph One" profile is not. That is because I moved the device to another USB port since then. This is critical since if the status window's address does not match the profile's listed address, USB OD will not handle the device properly (or at all) and EE can't use it because USB OD is trying to manipulate it. Delete any profiles that have addresses that do not match the Status window's address.

This should enable EE to coexist with USB OD, and is much preferred to using any other controller software if you need USB OD for mice as well.
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