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Sega Saturn Emulation
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TOPIC: Sega Saturn Emulation

Sega Saturn Emulation 13 years ago #2069

Just wanted to throw this out there, what are your thoughts on emulating the Sega Saturn?

With the only native Saturn emulator, Yabause having no activity on it for what seems an eternity, the only solution is to use SSF or Satourne in Wine/Crossover?

Does anybody here actually emulate a Saturn and what methods and performance do you get?

Just wondering really!

Re: Sega Saturn Emulation 13 years ago #2070

I did a few years back and Yabause was what I used. I also used Crossover to help me run a Windows one (although I forget the name.) This was when I lived in Japan and could buy looots of Saturn games from the local shops VERY cheaply.

It's a pity Yabause has had no activity for ages because IMO it is good! I remember when it could suddenly play games... I got a big buzz out of it. Aaaaaaw the nostalgia...

Edit: Satourne is the emu I used through Crossover I think...
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Re:Sega Saturn Emulation 13 years ago #2078

True, the only couple of games that I run on it are Saturn Bomberman and Sonic Jam.

Nothing else seems to run, it is a shame, i still get a tingle when the saturn start up chime shows!

I might try Satourne in Crossover, how well did it run for you?

Miss my Saturn!

Re:Sega Saturn Emulation 13 years ago #2115

i was the same, lived in japan and picked up saturn games left and right. have about 60 solid titles (some rare ones too) too bad saturn emulation never really took off. i have a jap saturn hooked up to my TV still.

Re:Sega Saturn Emulation 13 years ago #2118

I assisted in the port of Yabause and did some OpenGL stuff once upon a time for it. Still get the SVN updates.. bleeding edge (ie if you compile from source from SVN) has some Mac improvements
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Re:Sega Saturn Emulation 13 years ago #2153

How easy is it to compile? I have tried to compile Mame amongst others but to no joy.

Sega Saturn emulation on the Mac is crying out to be developed!

Re:Sega Saturn Emulation 12 years, 9 months ago #2296

Hello !

I'm trying to run SSF (the near-perfect saturn window emulator) with crossover, but it makes me a very little window...
It working fine in parallels.

Any idea ?

Oh, and there is a topic on the portingteam forum if you want:


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