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convert ljp/gnuboy saves
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TOPIC: convert ljp/gnuboy saves

convert ljp/gnuboy saves 10 years ago #1417

Hello, I use LittleJohnPalm to emulate a GameBoy/Colour/NES (my Palm only has enough CPU to emulate those systems). I play the Pokemon Crystal game on the Palm quite often, and I just realized that I would never complete the PokeDex if I did not trade or cheat using GameShark. Now as far as I can tell, LJP doesn't emulate GameShark, so I was wondering if there was an Application (Mac OSX or Windoze) that can convert the GnuBoy saves to something Like VBA saves…

Re: convert ljp/gnuboy saves 10 years ago #1419

I think the battery backups/saves are compatible (as opposed to the save states). Check to see if you can use those (I'm sorry I can't verify myself, as I don't currently have access to GnuBoy).

Re:convert ljp/gnuboy saves 10 years ago #1420

Actually, I meant the Battery Saves, but they have a .srm extension…

Re:convert ljp/gnuboy saves 10 years ago #1421

Change the extension to .sav and make sure the filenames match exactly. Then it should work, provided you put the .sav file in the right place.

Also, if it won't work in VBA, there's always KiGB. (And if it won't work in either, I have no idea what to do besides fiddle with the filenames.)

Re:convert ljp/gnuboy saves 9 years, 12 months ago #1433

Well, it worked with KiGB!

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