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Dolphin (Gamecube/Wii emu) for Mac keeps better!!!
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TOPIC: Dolphin (Gamecube/Wii emu) for Mac keeps better!!!

Dolphin (Gamecube/Wii emu) for Mac keeps better!!! 13 years, 3 months ago #1028

Hi all,

The last time that I wrote about the Dolphin Emu for Mac here in the forum was just to say
how that it can be built on Mac OS X and that it can play some Gamecube games (but not Wii games).

However the Dolphin Dev Team has done superb Mac OS X work since then:
the Gamecube emulation is near perfect (Sound and speed !)... Even Wii games starts and
can be playable!! (Tried SMGalaxy with dolphinsvn 5607).

Of course there are more issues on the Mac version than the Win version (since wxWidgets for the Buttons etc. is quite crashy) or
(fullscreen doesn't work for me) but in general you should try it!

The biggest drawback is that you need to compile yourself Dolphin on your Mac, since there is no bundled app (yet)....

If you want to try the latest dolphin svn just head over and follow the Mac OS X Wiki (it's pretty straightforward if you know how to work with Terminal.app


Also I'm sure that there are some talented dev guys here which can help



Re: Dolphin (Gamecube/Wii emu) for Mac keeps better!!! 13 years, 3 months ago #1043

For anyone having trouble building Dolphin from source; here is a fully-self contained binary for 64-bit macs.


victori.uploadbooth.com/emulation -> contains all my other projects that I have done in the past.

Have fun ;-D

BTW to forum staff; I could not retrieve my older "victori" account, your email system seems to be broken. No confirmation emails.

ditto for facebook connect, it never seems to login, page caching problem perhaps? I feel your pain facebook connect, it does have its quirks.
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Re: Dolphin (Gamecube/Wii emu) for Mac keeps better!!! 13 years, 3 months ago #1045

I've sent you a private message with your 'victori' password. I have seen some odd behavior in our email system lately, it looks like a lot of emails are being blocked and sent to junk. Certainly something I need to investigate.

And the facebook connect appears to be behaving poorly (again). In a few weeks, when I return home, I'll be doing some site maintenance. Thanks for the heads up and the precompiled versions of Dolphin.

Re: Dolphin (Gamecube/Wii emu) for Mac keeps better!!! 13 years, 3 months ago #1111

I know this may seem silly, as the thread I'm linking to is just above this one (at this point in time), but here's the thread discussing the compilation endeavors of this emu:



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