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Five out of Ten magazine 8 years, 12 months ago #4005

A lot of folks here may be interested in this digital-only games mag that tries to engage with games — new and old — on a deeper level.

I wrote two essays for the new issue, Soul. The first is on some old Mac games (Enchanted Scepters/World Builder, Spelunx, Dark Castle, Harry the Handsome Executive) that have a magic to them I think lost in modern games. And the second is about how SimCity 2000's newspaper and highly-abstracted simulation lends the game's cities a soul, while the 2013 reboot rings hollow despite having a more robust agent-based simulation at its core.

There are other essays related to Kingdom Hearts, Max Payne, the Californian DDR scene, Zelda (or more accurately, Link from the Zelda games), and more.

Cost is £2.50 or pay what you want, and all the writers get a cut from each sale. So go check it out. (And post your thoughts here if you do.)

Re: Five out of Ten magazine 8 years, 11 months ago #4011

Those previews look really good. I think I will buy one (I am really interested in that essay about old mac games, especially Harry) and if I like it, buy more of them. But right now, time is scarce and I don't even have an internet connection at home.

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