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MacScene Issues
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TOPIC: MacScene Issues

MacScene Issues 9 years ago #3006

Quick note about MacScene being unavailable the past few hours. Our domain name host is experiencing a DOS Attack. I appreciate the emails from people, we are aware of the situation and currently riding out the storm.

Re: MacScene Issues 9 years ago #3008

Looks like things are starting to settle down. MacScene.net appears to be working again, while www.MacScene.net is still struggling a bit. We are working with our domain hosts to remedy the problems.

Re: MacScene Issues 9 years ago #3009

Looks like the issues have been fixed.

Re: MacScene Issues 9 years ago #3010

Just out of curosity, any idea why our DNH was being attacked? I know that GoDaddy gets a lot of crap for supporting SOPA and PIPA, but I know we're not on GoDaddy.

Re: MacScene Issues 9 years ago #3012

The company I've been using is EasyDNS. I've been very happy with the service for the most part. This is second such attack on them in the past five years, and in both cases the attacks have been related to pornographic and gambling sites they provide domain services to. Luckily after this latest attack it appears they have decided I adjust their user agreement and qualifying site practices. Hopefully this prevents future attacks. I'm also in the process of developing a backup strategy to prevent MacScene from being so reliant on a single service. You can read more about this specific attack here.

Re: MacScene Issues 7 years, 5 months ago #3774

Just a heads up - when attempting to enter your login information, if it is incorrect you will get a (rather gigantic) 500: Error plastered on a blank page instead of something telling you that you entered the incorrect information. The only way I knew I had screwed up my login information was to double-check it in my 1Password app (thankfully I keep that on all of my devices/computers).

I just thought you should know so maybe one day when there's time you could make the site not appear as if you broke it when entering incorrect login information.

Re: MacScene Issues 7 years, 5 months ago #3775

Yep, I noticed this one a while ago too. It does feel a little 'oh god, what have I done' when you first see it.

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